External Examiners should have University network accounts which allow them access to Blackboard. They should use these accounts to access student work on Blackboard using the role of “marker” (as mentioned in the Blackboard Protocols – http://tiny.cc/bb-protocols). This allows data to be kept in one secure location, with minimum additional input from staff, and is a supported University process.

The strong recommendation / expectation is therefore to always use Blackboard unless there are pressing business needs that require alternatives; in which case there are various things you need to consider;

  • Moving content out of Blackboard carries an additional volume of work for tutors, with a lot of duplicated effort (it has to be done manually)
  • There are business risks and potential data-protection issues with moving copies of student work away from Blackboard – for example, OneDrive links need to be securely tied to individual persons, rather than open
  • There is duplicated data
  • Auditing needs to be considered
  • The External Examiner doesn’t get a holistic view of the course as they are by-passing the Blackboard site.

APPENDIX 3b Procedures Governing the Marking and Moderation of Assessments if in doubt.

If you need an external examiner to access your Blackboard site, and they don’t yet have an account, you will need to request an account via the UoC Engage process.

Information on the Engage process can be found here.

Once an account has been set up, you’ll need to enrol them onto your Blackboard site.

Historically, “zz” accounts (the temporary, Blackboard-only accounts) were used for external examiners but are now being phased out and should not be used.

If your external examiner is having problems accessing Blackboard, you will need to check which username they are using. If a university account exists for them, please ask them to use this account. Make sure that the same username that they are using is enrolled onto all the sites that you need them to access. When an external examiner cannot log into Blackboard, this would indicate an issue with their account, such as a password error. In these cases the external examiner needs to contact the IT Service Desk for a resolution.

The Blackboard course role of “Instructor” should not be used for external examiners. When you are adding an external examiner to your site, you should give them the role of “Marker”, as this will allow them to see student work, such as via Turnitin, but restricts a number of course management options and ensures that they do not appear in the list of instructors for the course.