Have you ever opened a Turnitin Assignment and found some of your students appear to be missing from the list?

If you find yourself in this position all you need to do is run the Roster Sync tool from within Blackboard.

Please note that as long as the student is enrolled onto the Blackboard site containing the Turnitin assignment, they will be able to submit to the Turnitin Assignment even if their name doesn’t appear in the Turnitin Assignment Inbox when you look. Assuming that they are a student on the site, Turnitin will accept the assignment submission (providing that the submission point is still open for assignment submissions) and add their name to the Assignment Inbox at that point.

However, if you would like to see all the students on the list, then you can run a Roster Sync;

Go to Turnitin Assignments via the Control Panel


Then click on the Turntitin assignment which will then take you to the Turnitin Assignment Inbox. Form here, click on the Roster Sync tool as shown below.


After a short while, depending on the size of the cohort, you’ll see the correct list of students enrolled on the blackboard course, showing in the Turnitin Assignment Inbox.