When would I need to do this?

You may want to submit work to Turnitin on a student’s behalf – for instance, if the student has experienced technical difficulties

As a Blackboard Instructor you can submit student papers to a Turnitin assignment.
Things to consider: submitting on behalf of the student will overwrite any previous submissions that the student may have made for that assignment; the assignment will be marked as ‘late’ if you submit it after the ‘Due Date’.

Log into your Blackboard course, navigate to the Turnitin Assignment within the content area and click on View / Complete.

Alternatively go to the assignment via Control Panel > Course Tools > Turnitin UK Assignments then click on Submit.


Select their name from the drop-down list.


Do not use the ‘Non-enrolled student’ option; typing a name will not then match-up with the ‘real’ student account when it is added to the course. If a student’s name isn’t showing, you will need to run a ‘Roster Sync‘ from within the Turnitin Assignment Inbox and then return to the drop-down list.

Type an appropriate title in the Submission Title box. Browse to find the student’s paper on your PC, then Upload.

You’ll be asked to confirm that “this is the file you would like to submit…”

Click on Confirm and then either Go to assignment inbox or Submit another file.