Occasionally, an instructor might receive an error message similar to the one below.

Blackboard Integration Error
• Error: 423
• Turnitin encountered an error while trying to automatically update your user information. It appears that your Blackboard email address has changed, and when trying to update the corresponding user profile in Turnitin, it was discovered that email address already belonged to another user. Please update your email address in your Blackboard user profile to a different email address. UID: – Old Email: blackboarduser@auniveristy.ac.uk – New Email: blackboarduser@cumbria.ac.uk

This happens if there’s more that one email address registered against the PKID (Primary Key ID) in Turnitin.

Unfortunately, we are unable to resolve this issue locally and have to go through the process of raising a support call with Turnitin for them to clear out the old email address.

Previously, this has been resolved for users within 48 hours.