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For a number of years, for QA purposes, a set of Blackboard Programme Site protocols have existed to ensure that a baseline of key information is provided to students and that Blackboard Programme sites are used as a space for programme level information and guidance.

In response to feedback from students and staff about the consistency of experience within module sites a set of protocols have been developed to ensure a baseline of information is provided.

As online submission of appropriate coursework becomes the default position of the University in 2016/17, protocols for setting up e-submission points within Turnitin have also been developed.

Consultation about the requirements of various stakeholders has taken place and the protocols have been shared with academic representatives of the Technology Enhanced Learning Sub-Committee for comment and revision, and were approved at the June 2016 Learning and Teaching Committee.

Key Points;

Blackboard Programme Site Protocols: have been updated and establish clearer requirements for programme sites to not be used for delivery of module teaching.
Blackboard Module Sites: a baseline standard for content has been identified, including appropriate access for all academic, professional service and external contributors to the module.
Turnitin: preferred online submission settings have been designed to ensure consistency of student experience.
For more information on Blackboard Protocols, the Learning Technology Team have created a Pebblepad Webfolio which will provide you with the information needed to meet the required expectations.