Adding Participants.

Students should have been recruited automatically to your site via SITS. If anyone is missing do not be tempted to recruit them manually. This has to done by SITS to ensure other University processes are properly maintained.

Adding additional tutors / markers to your site is a manual process and can be done through following the instructions below.

Colleagues in the CIP should be added as Instructors / Administrators to allow them to add additional teaching staff to the module in the event of sickness / absence.

External Examiners should be added as Markers.
Please note that all external examiners should now have an official university account on the system; this takes the form of firstname.lastname, for example jane.jones. “zz” accounts (the temporary, Blackboard-only accounts) are been phased out and should not be used wherever possible.

Click on the Control Panel > Users and Groups


Users.Click on Find Users to Enrol



Either type the users Username into the box (please note that this box is for the user’s Blackboard username, not their actual name) OR, if you don’t know their username, click the Browse button to find them on the system.


Having clicked the Browse button, you are taken to another page where you can search for the user on the system using either their first name, last name, username or email. Click Go.


Once you find the correct user, select the box at the side of their name and click Submit.


You’ll be taken back to the original ‘Find Users to Enrol’ screen, and the username you have just selected will be displayed. Select the correct role for the person and click Submit to add the user to your site

You will get a success message when the user has been successfully enrolled