Course copy allows you to copy content from one course to another directly within Blackboard – there are no zip files to download and upload.

You need to have a course on Blackboard to copy from and another to copy into. You also need to have sufficient rights on both courses to be able to perform a course copy (i.e. instructor on both).

Course Copy doesn’t remove any content from the original course.

When copying from one course to another, Blackboard deals with course menu items (the links on the left-hand side of your course) in a number of ways;
If the menu name doesn’t exist on your destination course then it will be created
If the menu name already exists on the destination course and is of the same type (i.e. content, external links), then the content from the source course will be added to the existing area of the destination course – but will not replace any existing content
If the menu name already exists on the destination course but is of a different type (i.e. one is content the other Staff Information), then a new menu item will be added to the destination course, but with a number at the end, i.e. “Course Information” will become “Course Information 1”

Preparing an empty course for receiving content (optional)

If you have a completely new destination course, then you may want to remove all default menu items before proceeding with the course copy. To do this, make sure Edit Mode is set to “on”, within the empty course (i.e. the one that you are going to copy content into).
Click the chevron icon next to each area you want to remove, then click delete on the menu that follows.

Removing a menu item will also remove any content within that area. Make sure that you only remove empty or unwanted menu items.


Course Copy

Click the “Course Copy” option from the “Packages and Utilities” area of the control panelCourse_Copy









On the page that appears, add the Blackboard id of the course that you want to copy into – the destination course.


If you don’t know the id, then click the “Browse…” button and use the search options to find your course (only courses that you have sufficient privileges in will be shown). Click “Select” when you’ve found the right one.

Next, select all the areas that you want copying to the destination course – Do NOT include the content area where your Turnitin submission points are kept (“Assignments”); this area must be manually created on the new site.

If you want the existing course’s “look and feel” to be replicated on the new site, then ensure you select “Banner Image” and “Navigation Settings” under “Settings”.

Once you have selected the relevant areas, click Submit. The copy process will then be started.

You’ll receive an email from Blackboard when the copying has finished.

When you then enter the destination course, you’ll find that the content has been copied across.

Please note that Turnitin Assignments should NOT be copied, as this may result in issues on the new site. We strongly recommend that only NEW Turnitin Assignments should be created on your new site.

Remember to follow the Blackboard Protocols when setting-up and running your site.

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