Have you ever found yourself needing to transcribe audio from video, (also known as Speech to text)?

Well, here in the Academic Enhancement & Innovation Team, we found a simple workaround using the following

Google account
iPad/Mobile device/PC with speakers

You will have to use the Google Chrome Browser as this will not work in Firefox or Internet Explorer.

You’ll need the Google account to use the “Google Voice Typing” feature within Google Docs, as this is where the transcription takes place.

The iPad/Mobile Device/PC with speakers is where the audio will be output/recorded.

The microphone will record the audio and transcribe using Google Voice Typing.

So what did our setup look like? Well, basic, but it works very effectively. Any available solution isn’t going to be 100% accurate, but this does a very good job.


Here you can see, we’re playing a video back via YouTube and the Headset microphone is placed next to the iPad speaker.


One thing to note, when the transcription starts, you won’t be able to use your computer for anything else until your finished, otherwise, the Google Voice Typing just stops, and you’ll have to click the microphone icon in your Google Doc to get going again.

So to do this we created a Google account

Then we logged in and went to Google Drive and created a new Google Doc

We then clicked on Tools/Voice Typing, clicked the microphone icon and then played back the video on our mobile device with the microphone placed next to the speaker as shown in the photo above. After a brief pause, the transcription starts to appear within the Google Doc.

Once you’re happy with the transcription, you can then save it, and copy and paste the text into it’s destined programme. For example you may want to use a transcription to append to a video within Blackboard.

If you need help with any of the above, please contact the AEI Team via email