If you need your students to resubmit their work via Turnitin, you may be tempted to changed the date settings within the original assignment, allowing students to resubmit with a new start/due dates.

By doing this, when the work is marked, the original marks will be overwritten and the students wouldn’t be able to see progression in their My Grades view of Blackboard.

So in this instance, we’d recommend you set up a new Turnitin Assignment, with the settings you had before with the exception the Start, Due and Post dates which you’ll need to amend.

If you need any help with Turnitin, we do have a Pebblepad Webfolio which covers the following

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  • How to set up a Turnitin Assignment
  • How to mark students work
  • How to alter the dates of your Turnitin assignment
  • How students access their Turnitin feedback
  • Managing Late Submissions
  • Has a student viewed their feedback?
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  • Turnitin Rubrics
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