The Batch Enroller tool will allow you to add a number of users onto you Blackboard site with the role of “student”.

Before you can perform the enrolments you will need a list of the Blackboard usernames that you wish to enrol onto the course. This needs to be a single column of usernames, and has to be in “csv” or “txt” format.
The student’s username in the majority of cases (there are exceptions) is the same as their student ID/code.

Make sure that the usernames are in the correct format, and that any leading zeros on the username have not been removed by Excel.

934567 should be of 0934567
1234567/1 should be 1234567


To save as a csv file in Excel. Choose File > Save As 


And under the “Save as type” section choose “CSV” 

A couple of pop-up boxes might then appear. Select “Ok” for the first box 
And “Yes” to the second

You can also create the column of usernames in a plain text editor, such as Notepad, which saves as a “txt” file. 

Once you have saved your file, browse to the Blackboard site where you want to batch enrol the users.
In the course tools area of the control panel, select “Batch Enroller”

On the page that follows, browse for your CSV (or TXT) file and click submit to begin the enrollment. 
After a few seconds a report will appear. This shows how many accounts were added to the site, and reasons why some accounts could not be (they are already enrolled on the site or currently there is no account on the system – a registration issue, for example)