We’ve all heard of Creative Commons Images and copyright infringement, so where can you go and obtain CC images?

These resources have been shared specifically for reuse with some rights reserved rather than the traditional ‘all rights reserved’ approach of copyright laws.  Attribution is vital when it comes to using these in your work, and they’re a brilliant source of images, music, video etc which add to your creativity, and we love a bit of creativity!

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From the Creative Commons organisation comes this meta search engine that can help you find a range of different resources – and you get to select whether they’re for commercial purposes (and if they’re for a course you’re intending to market in some way, this is probably the safest option) and / or for modification etc.

Another popular tool is Pixabay which offers over 730000 high quality photos, illustrations, and vector graphics. Free for commercial use. No attribution required.





Other Sources


Regarding the tools above, Wikimedia and Xpert, if you find the file name for the image you need in Wikimedia and then use that filename as a search term in Xpert,( it should find the image) and then add the required attribution. This saves downloading the file and then remembering to add the attribution.

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Here is a link to a blog post which lists 99 sites with free images for commercial use – some aren’t very good, but there are loads there