In this example, a member of staff needed to create 2 Turnitin assignments and weight them 40% and 60%.

With the Turnitin assignments set up, the corresponding Grade Centre columns were automatically created and we then utilised Blackboards default Weighted Column, however there are a few things to check and we’ll go through them in this post.

The first thing to check is the Turnitin Grade Centre column by clicking on the drop down arrow on the column header, select Edit Column Information


Then, make sure the Primary Display is set to Percentage




and Include this Column in Grade Centre Calculations is set to Yes. Click on Submit.


Then, back in the Grade Centre, go to the Weighted Column, and again, click on the drop down arrow and click on Edit Column Information


.Make sure the Primary Display is set to Percentage, and then under Selected Columns, select the Turnitin assignments you want to include and click on the small arrow to move the column into the Selected Column window.Select_weighted_columns.JPG

Once you’ve added the columns, you can then add your weightings.

You’ll then need to make sure the settings in the weighted columns are set as shown below.


This allows the calculations to be included and will show the weighted percentage to be shown to the student in their My Grades area.

Click on Submit and that’s it, your Weighted Column is now set up.