AQD have a Module Evaluation Survey template that you can use from within your Bristol Online Surveys (BOS) account. If you haven’t got a BOS account, contact and we will create one for University staff on request. Once the account is created, you will receive an email from BOS with instructions on how to complete the set-up process.

Once your account is set-up, contact requesting a copy of the Module Evaluation Survey. We will add a copy of the Module Evaluation Survey to your account. This will be a “copy-only” instance, allowing you to take as many copies as you need.

When you log into your BOS account you will not be able to see Module Evaluation Survey with the default view. You need to uncheck the “just my surveys” box (as shown in the screenshot)


The survey should then appear. If you have a number of surveys, try searching for “module

The only option you have with this survey is to copy it. Click the purple icon to the right of the row, and a pop-up box will appear.


Change the name of the survey as appropriate (you can always rename it later) and click “copy survey”.


This will add a new, independent and fully-manageable copy of the survey into your account. At this point it is recommend that you add at least one other staff colleague to the survey, which you can do via the “survey permissions” section. If your colleague has not got a BOS account, then please contact

Before distributing to your students, ensure that the title of the survey contains the module name and that you also update the short survey name (the link address). This is done via the “Distribute settings” section of the “Distribute” tab. Here you can also change the survey opening and closing times. Once updated, click the Save button at the bottom of the page.

For example, using a dummy module such as “ABCD4001”, “An introduction to Online Learning”, that is run during sem1 at Ambleside, you would change the “public survey name” to;

An introduction to Online Learning – module survey 2016/17 And the “survey short name” to;abcd4001-amb-sem1-1617

The short survey name needs to be unique and will form the link address that you distribute to your students. The name needs to be in lowercase, and only contain alphanumeric characters. You can use the minus sign (“-“) in place of a space.
The link in this example would then be

Adding the URL to Blackboard

Once you have the URL for your survey, you can add this to an area within your Blackboard site from which your students will view, and click the URL to launch the survey.

To add a URL to your Blackboard site, have a look at the Blackboard guide on how to Create an External Link in the Create and Edit Content guide.