You can easily see how your site is looking from a student perspective by using the Student Preview feature


As an instructor, you want to be confident that your course is well designed and functions as intended—before your students see it. Use student preview to review the course content and validate the course behaviours, such as those that control the availability of course content or require a particular interaction from the student to be triggered.

To enter student preview mode, click the Enter Student Preview function, at the top-right corner of your course pages, next to the Change Course Theme function.student_preview_buttonStudent preview creates a student account, called the preview user account, logs you in as that student and enrols you in the current course. When you enter student preview mode, the student preview bar appears at the top of every page. The bar displays the text “Student Preview mode is ON” and has Settings and Exit Preview functions.

Further information

You can visit the Blackboard Help article here

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