Finding the Blackboard Pre-Built Surveys

Student evaluation helps us to better understand student needs and expectations and it informs on-going module and programme developments and enhancements.

Student evaluative feedback is gained in a range of ways, including Staff Student informal evaluation and Module and Programme level evaluation questionnaires.

Survey templates for Module or Programme evaluation have been created which you can personalise to fit your teaching to gather feedback from students directly via Blackboard.

A pdf leaflet of these instructions can be found here which can be printed out.

The pre-built surveys can be found via the ‘Staff’ tab in Blackboard.


Click the survey you want and save it to your computer.

NB This zip folder will not work outside of Blackboard. You will need to import it into Blackboard, edit any questions you want to change and then launch it to your students when you are ready.

The Student Evaluative Feedback box also contains a link to the official Student Evaluative Feedback Policy (Taught Degree Programmes)

How to Import the Survey

1. Go to the Control Panel > Course Tools > Tests Surveys and Pools

2. Select Surveys.


3. Select Import Survey from the boxes along the top.


4. Browse your Computer to find the zipped Survey.

5. Click Submit, then click OK.

Your imported file should display like this – and is ready for you to Edit and Deploy.


How to Edit your Survey

1. Go to the Control Panel > Course Tools > Tests Surveys and Pools and select Surveys.

2. Click on the chevrons to the right of the survey title, and select Edit.


3. Questions 9 – 12 allow you to ask module specific questions.

Find the question that needs editing and click the chevron to the right of each question then select Edit.


4. Make any alterations you want and click Submit.

If you don’t want to edit these questions or feel you need to ask any module specific questions, you can delete them if you wish.

How to Deploy your Survey

1. Go to the area where you wish to add your survey. Click on Assessments > Survey.

2. You will see your survey listed. Select it and click Submit.

3. The next page, Survey Options, allows you to modify the name and add a description to your survey, as well as, set up the availability, presentation, and feedback for a Survey.

These options are only available once a Survey is added to a Content Area.

In terms of Survey Availability options, the three things you need to do are:

a. Open Survey in New Window – select Yes

b. Make the link available – Select Yes

c. Add a new announcement for this Survey – Select Yes.

(The Announcement will include the date and state “an Assessment has been made available in [Course area that includes the link to the Assessment]”. This Announcement will appear in the course Announcements).

4. Click Submit. This completes the survey deployment process.

How to View your Results

To view your survey results, go to Grade Centre > Full Grade Centre. There will be a column for your Module Survey Feedback results. A green tick indicates a response.

To view results, click the chevron at the side of the column title and click on Attempts Statistics.

You can then copy the text/results and paste into a word document or similar program.