Your Blackboard Home Page, is known in Blackboard as the Course Entry Point. This is the first area users see when entering your course and you have to option to change this if you wish.

You may decide that you no longer want users to log into Blackboard and go straight to the Announcements page which is set as the default Home Page, but rather land on a new Menu Item you’ve created, for example, you may have a Menu Item for Learning Materials, Video’s, or Assessments.

You can choose any of the Menu Items as a Home Page and to do this, you need to go to the Course Management menu, then click on Customisation, then Teaching Style.


Then scroll down to Select Course Entry Point, and here you will see a drop down menu fomo where you can select one of the menu items to be the course Home Page.


When you’ve selected your Course Entry Point (Home Page), click on Submit and that’s it done.

Any users already logged into your Blackboard site won’t see the changes until they log out and back into Blackboard.

For more information, click on this link to the Blackboard Support Article

or watch the Blackboard Support Video below. The video also covers adding a Banner image to your course.