Have you ever had a student report that they’re unable to open a Word document or a pdf you’ve uploaded to Blackboard? Have they received an error similar to that shown below?

404 Server Error screen shot

This can be when a file uploaded contains an unusual character in its file name, for example workshop_presentation+january_2016.pdf

In this example the + symbol would prevent the file from being opened by users on your Blackboard site.

To fix this issue, you need to go to the Content Area of Blackboard where you uploaded the file to, click on the grey drop down arrow and select Edit

edit Blackboard Item

Click on Select Different File

Select File

And then use either Browse my Computer or Browse Course to select the file that doesn’t contain any special characters. You may have to upload a new copy of the file if needed.

We would recommend uploading a PDF of the file if possible as this will allow students to view the file in the browser, this also adheres to the Blackboard Protocols.

To find out more about managing files in Blackboard, have a look at the Blackboard support article here.