One of the course tools in Blackboard allows you to send emails to the whole cohort, individual students or groups.

You can access the tools via the Control Panel of the course. Go to Course Tools > Send Email.


Here you have a number of options for sending to different categories of users, including any Blackboard Groups that you might be using.


Depending on the option you choose, you might need to select the individuals or Groups you wish to email.

You can then add a subject and message

You can also add an attachment. However, when you add an attachment, that attached file will reside in Blackboard and users receive a link to it via the email message. Users can only open the  attachment if they are logged into Blackboard.

For example:  When a student opens the email in their external email client, they will also need to be logged into Blackboard to view it.

Remember that emails sent from Blackboard on your behalf will not appear in the “sent items” of your email account. If you tick the “Return Receipt” box this will send a copy of the email to your email inbox – this is then your copy of the message.

Messages sent via the email tool are not recorded on Blackboard, and so they should only be used for general communication with users.

The Announcements tool also allows you to send out a copy of the announcement via email. Just click the “Email Announcement” option


Unlike the Send Email function, there is no filter option with announcements – the email is sent to all people enrolled on the course. The move to module sites helps reduce the risk, however on larger sites, the posting of announcements aimed at just a small section of the cohort can generate excess email “noise” for all users, and so we would advise caution when using announcements to target a sub-set of the course.

For more information on the Blackboard email tool for instructors, click here.