Here are some recommendations for best practice when marking assignments using Turnitin.

To avoid any potential timeout issues when adding feedback in Turnitin, we recommend that when marking on a computer, you compose feedback for the “general comments” section of Turnitin within software such as Word and then copy to Turnitin. Composing the “general comments” feedback in Word allows you to:

•   make the most of the built-in spell and grammar checks

•   ensures against loss; a copy of the feedback will be available locally should there be a loss of connection

Please note: When using audio feedback, you need to click a save button after you’ve clicked the stop button, or the audio feedback will be lost. It has been reported by some institutions that the Chrome browser can be slower to save recorded audio feedback so you may want to consider Internet Explorer or Firefox.

To avoid potential issues with timeouts in general, Turnitin recommend that you do not have Turnitin open in multiple browser windows or tabs.

If you are using the Turnitin iPad app, be aware that you cannot use the “mark by groups” feature and that there are potential risks of overwriting feedback where there are multiple markers on a site and some are using the iPad app to mark offline.

When accessing Turnitin via the standard browser route through Blackboard, you should always access your Turnitin assignments via the Control Panel > Course Tools > Turnitin Assignments (or Turnitin Assignments by Groups) route – and not via “Needs Marking”.


 The ‘Getting Started with Turnitin‘ tab of this resource contains helpful information to guide you through Turnitin.