Have you ever wanted to take some of the work out of transcribing a video by letting a piece of software do most of it for you?

Well, we’ve found a way of doing it on Google Docs and it’s really rather good. Not 100% accurate but for free, we’re very happy with the results.

One thing to be aware of is the quality of the source recording. We’ve found you’ll get much better results if the recording has been carried out with a quality microphone that’s positioned close to the subject, the subject speaks clearly and doesn’t rush. Also, if recording a video that has been edited and the edit includes fades, from one scene to another, this can cause the Google Voice Typing tool to pause and sometimes stop. Apart from that, it does a very good job.

Setting up your PC

You’ll need to set up your PC up as follows by going into the Windows Control Panel. To get to the Control panel, click on Start, and the Control Panel link should be displayed on the right. Click on Sound and that will list your Speaker and Playback devices.


Set the devices as follows;

Default Playback Device – Speakers (right click on the devices to set the options. This will allow you to disable the devices.)

Headset Earphone – Disabled



Set the devices as follows;

Stereo Mix – Enabled. Set this as the Default device.

All other devices – Disabled (right click each device as set them to Disable)


Under the Stereo Mix Properties, I’ve left the Listen to this Device box unchecked and the Playback through this device set to Speakers.


The next step is to log into your Google account if you have one, and then go to Google Drive.Click on Tools  and Voice Typing.


Start the playback of your video/sound-file and then click the Voice Typing icon next to the Google Doc.

You should then see appear, as if by magic, a transcription of the video/sound-file.


To see a brief video of this set up in action, have a look at the Camtasia Relay recording below.



For more information on Google Voice Typing, click here