Whilst using module sites for delivery of teaching and learning brings many benefits for students and staff, over time, the staff courses list can become long and difficult to navigate.

To make life easier there are some navigation tools which can be used, your list can be organised so that your most frequently used sites are grouped together at the top of the list or, as Blackboard is a web-based product, the Browsers ‘Find‘ functionality can be used to search for a specific site.

Navigation Tools

You can navigate between Blackboard sites using these easily located Navigation Tools:

navigation3Selecting the downward facing arrow will trigger a drop-down box listing 5 of your recently visited sites.  Simply select the title to return to the site.


The downward arrow under the UoC logo will trigger the same Recently Visited list but with the addition of an alphabetical list of all your enrolled sites.

Organising your My Courses List

On the My Institution page select the Settings icon (indicated below) on the My Courses section to display all the sites to which you are enrollednavigation1

Move your most frequently used sites to the top of your list by selecting the double ended arrow which appears when the mouse hovers over the site row.  Move the mouse towards the double ended arrow and a white arrowed cross will appear, click and hold the left mouse button and move the site to the position you require.


To hide a site from view on your My Courses list simply ensure none of the boxes are ticked in the section indicated above.  This does not delete the course and it will still be available to you via Courses next the My Institution and the downward arrow under the UoC logo.

Don’t forget to select ‘Submit‘ to save your changes.

Search using Browser Tools

You can quickly find any of your sites using the Find functionality in your Browser, just use Ctrl and F on a PC or Command and F on a Mac then enter the module code/search word into the pop up search box to quickly navigate to the matched text in the page:

Internet Explorer – Top Left


Chrome – Top Right


Firefox – Bottom Left