Medial now offers the option to record through your webcam which is great for those talking head shots that you may want to use for example, as an intro video on your Blackboard module.

To create a webcam recording, just follow these steps.

1. Open in the browser

2. Click login, and use your university username & password to access


3. Click “Upload”


4. Click “Record Webcam”


5. Click “Allow” on the pop-up


6. This will now be using the default audio settings on that computer, so if it’s been previously set for Skype for Business or other software using your microphone, it should be fine. When ready, click “Record Video”.


7. The microphone level indicator (in green) should start moving once the recording has started


8. The recording will start. After 5 seconds, a stop recording button will appear, and this can be clicked when you have finished recording.

9. You can then play the recording back to make sure you’re happy with it. There is also the option to edit the start and end time, if necessary.


10. When you’re happy with the recording, click “next. You then need to add a title, Category, Description and an email address. It’s also worth adding tags to the file so it makes it easy for user to search for.


You can then add thumbnails




and finally confirm by clicking on Finish.


11. The recording will then be processed, and you’ll receive an email when it has completed. The video can then be viewed and shared as needed.

12. To put this video in Blackboard, you’ll have 3 options.

In the Medial library, you can go to My Content, click on the file name and then download the file, which you can then upload into Blackboard via the Files tool. In the content area you can then link to this file.

From the Medial library, you can also click on a recording and then you’ll see you have options to Copy the Link (URL) or Copy Code. We’d recommend you embed the code into a Content area which gives the user a better experience in Blackboard.


To embed content in Blackboard

  1. Copy the embed code.
  2. In your course, access a content area and select Build Content to access the menu. Select Item.
  3. On the Create Item page, type a name.
  4. In the editor, select the HTML icon.
  5. In the HTML Code View window, paste the embed code and select Update.
  6. Select Submit. Preview the embedded tool to be sure it works correctly for students.