There is a free app available from Google Play for Android phones, or Tunes for IOS devices.

Pebble Pocket allows you to send items to your asset store directly from your smart phone or tablet device.

The app is free and available from:pebble-pocket

Google Play:

ITunes app store:

Here is a leaflet explaining everything you might need to know about Pebble Pocket.

Here is a 13.5 min video showing you how to use this great app!



When you first download the app, you will need to login (using your university username and password) via the Settings tab).

Pebble Pocket will remember your credentials so that you can quickly create and send assets to your PebblePad account from wherever you are.




You can use the in-built microphone on your smartphone or tablet to quickly record your thoughts. PebblePad will transcribe your audio into text.

NB it doesn’t always get your dictation right, but you can edit the asset at any time!

This is a really easy way to collect evidence and reflections to use in your PebblePad account.



Once you have created an asset on Pebble Pocket, you can save it to your device until you are ready to send it to your asset store.

Once you are back within a wi-fi connection, you can send any saved assets to your account and this will save on your mobile data charges.