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PebblePad is an electronic Personal Learning System designed to help you to collect together digital items in one place which is easily accessible via a PC 24/7 or via a mobile device.
Within PebblePad, you can then design assets (the term for any type of file within PebblePad) which can then be used for a variety of purposes:

*  To present a chosen selection of assets to an audience via a webpage
*  For assessment
*  For career progression
*  For personal reflection
*  To demonstrate competencies in a particular area
*  To create CVs to highlight skills and attributes to a potential employer
*  To create mini-websites (webfolios) with links to further information, pictures, videos and other websites.
*  To record meetings and experiences you have encountered, and be able to reflect on these.
*  To set yourself action plans
*  To create reflective blogs
……… and much, much more.pebble-pocket

There is also a fabulous free app called Pebble Pocket which lets you send items directly to your Pebble+ account from your mobile phone or tablet, without the need for wires or downloading.

When you create items in Pebble+, you can choose to keep them private so that only you can see the items, OR  you can choose to share one item (or many) with a friend or colleague. These people do not have to have a PebblePad account, and the item will be shared via an email address.

One of the main attractions of PebblePad is its portability. Once you graduate or leave the university, you can register for an Alumni Account (via Tools & Resources) which means that you can take your PebblePad account with you into your future working career and continue to use it and add to it. This is free of charge forever!

Many professional bodies and careers use PebblePad as their chosen continuing professional development (CPD) system, so it may be quite likely that you move into a career where you are expected to use PebblePad. Building skills in PebblePad whilst at the University of Cumbria will give you an added advantage.

Here is a link to PebblePad’s website where you can find out more information about the product – click here.

To learn how to use the system, we have created a support webfolio which contains many articles and how-to videos which will help you get the most out of this system – click here