On rare occasions, you may find discrepancies between the grades you’ve entered in Turnitin Grade mark and the Blackboard Grade centre, but this is easily fixed.

When you create a Turnitin assignment in Blackboard a corresponding column in the Grade Centre is automatically set up, students submit their work to the Turnitin assignment,  you mark students’ work in Turnitin GradeMark and those marks should automatically transfer to the Grade Centre.

In most cases, Turnitin and Blackboard integrate well. However, you may find the integration requires the use of the Sync Grades tool, to manually push the grades to the Blackboard Grade Centre.

For example, you may find a student has submitted to Turnitin but you can’t see the submission in the Blackboard Grade Centre, or you’ve marked students’ work in Turnitin GradeMark and these marks are not replicated in the Grade Centre.

If this happens on your course, there is a simple fix:

•Go to Control Panel > Course Tools > Turnitin Assignments

•Find the relevant assignment in the list


•Click the Sync Grades link to the right of the assignment name.

When the grades have synced, you’ll get a notification as shown below.


All you need to do after that, is revisit the Grade Centre to confirm the grades have transferred.

If you find this hasn’t transferred the grades as expected, please contact aqd@cumbria.ac.uk and we will raise a support call with Turnitin for further investigation