Marked Rubrics can be used to evaluate student work based on defined criteria, weighting and grades.

Creating the Rubric

A good practice approach to creating a rubric is to develop it in Excel and upload it to Turnitin, an Excel template is available for you to begin this process.  It is hoped that, in time, we can collectively create a library of rubrics for all to use.  The added benefit of using Excel is that you can now Share the document and work collaboratively with others during the development phase:


Select the ‘Share’ options from the top right, Invite People and Share.  Colleagues you share the document with will receive an email containing a link to the document.

The rubric can be viewed and, if applicable, can also be edited in the Browser.

The Excel file must follow these rules:

  • The file must be a .xls or .xlsx file
  • Only one rubric can be uploaded per Excel file
  • The rubric in the spreadsheet must have the scales of the rubric as its first row
  • The rubric in the spreadsheet must have the criteria of the rubric as its first column
  • If included, criteria descriptions should be in the same cells as the criteria titles separated by a line break (Alt + Enter)
  • Descriptors for the body of the rubric can be included
  • Criteria titles must be 13 characters or less
  • Grading formulas will not be imported with the Excel file
  • Numerical values cannot be imported.  If you would like to use numerical values, add them to the rubric after import using the rubric/form manager.

Importing the Rubric

During assignment submission point creation select Optional Settings ‘Launch Rubric/Form Manager’.   The link to the Import screen is found under the icon to the top right (image to the right)

On the next screen the Excel file can be ‘dropped’ into the designated area, import done!  Select the left facing arrow to return you to the Rubric Manager and display your newly imported Rubric.




The rubric will not have any scoring values when you first import it. The rubric type will need to be changed using the “RUBRIC SCORING” button at the bottom of the rubric/form manager:

Select the % button at the bottom of the Rubric to enter grading and weighting values.each column and weight your criteria.

Clicking in the highlighted areas below will allow you to add the weighting for each criterion and further explanation.

Next add the marking grades (scales)

and Save