This article explains how to move individual items from one Blackboard course to another.

You need to be enrolled as an Instructor on both the start and destination courses.

If you need to copy a number of resources, then you might find it quicker to use the Course Copy option – see here for more information.

Please note that copying a Turnitin assignment by this method is not supported and may not work correctly.
You should create a new Turnitin assignment within the destination course.

Make sure that edit mode for the course is set to “ON”

Next, browse to the area of the course that contains the resource you wish to copy, then click on the chevron icon to the right to the resource’s icon

On the menu that appears select “Copy”

On the page that follows, use the dropdown box to select the course you wish to copy the item into (the “Destination Course”). Remember, only courses that you are an Instructor on will appear in this list.

Next, click the “Browse” button and a new window will appear. This shows your destination course folder structure. If necessary, click the [+] and [-] icons next to the folder names to open and close folders.

When you find the destination folder, click on its title to go back to the main screen.

By default, the resource will be available on the start and destination courses.

If you want to remove it from the current location (the start course), then select Yes on the line “Delete item after copy”. The resource will then be deleted from the start course, but will be available on the destination course.

Click Submit to proceed.

You should now see a green banner across the top of the page to indicate that the resource was copied successfully.