“Terms” is an optional way for you to organise your My Courses list on Blackboard.

A “Term”, in this instance, is a group of Blackboard sites. Currently we have used academic years, linked to corresponding module sites on Blackboard (these are sites that have been created automatically via a link with the records system).

We hope to introduce other categories over time, but for now you can have your individual module course sites automatically ordered by academic year.

The “Pending” term is used to help you locate your new courses that still need to be set-up

All your other courses will be grouped in the default category, which is titled “No Term Assigned”.

Within each category, you can still choose to show & hide particular courses, as well as reorder the list. You can also decide whether each category should be “open” or “closed” by default, and re-order the category list.

How do I enable Terms?

When logged into Blackboard, hover your mouse over the top of the “My Courses” box, and a cog icon will appear. You need to click this icon.

On the page that follows, you should see a “Terms” heading (please note that this will only be visible if you have one or more courses that have Terms associated with them). Tick the “Group by Term” box, and your Terms list will appear.

You can now decide whether you want each Term to be visible on your My Courses area, and whether each visible Term should be open or closed by default (select “Expand Term” for that Term to be open by default).

You can also re-order the Term list by click-holding to the left of each row (a double-headed arrow will appear as in the screenshot), then – whilst click-holding the mouse – drag the Term up or down the list and let go to place it.

Click “Submit” to save the changes. You can easily go back into this area to make any adjustments, as-and-when you wish.

Global Navigation Reminder

There is an easy way to move between recently visited sites on Blackboard, without having to find them on your My Courses list. Click the Global Navigation Bar on the top-right of the window (the one with your name on it), and a list of your 5 most recently visited Blackboard sites will appear. Click om the name of the site you wish to access.