To ensure that a Blackboard site is created, a Module Leader needs to be assigned to the corresponding MAV on ICON. To check the current status, or to add/update a record, please follow these steps;

    1. Log into ICON – the link can be found in the “Systems” area of StaffHub
    2. Click the “Tutor MAV Maintenance” link
    3. Run a search
      • To find all modules associated with you click “Run Report”
      • To search for particular modules
        • Add some or all of the Module Code to find and select the module
        • Remove your name from the “Tutor Name” field

        • Click “Run Report”
    4. Add yourself to the module via the “Tutor” field
    5. If you want a Blackboard site for this module, ensure that the “Bb Site Req?” field is ticked

      Depending on your monitor size, you may need to use the scroll button to see this field
    6. Click Store to save the changes
Please note: If you replace an existing tutor via the “Tutor Name” field, and the “Bb site req?” box is (or had been) ticked, then you will be added as an instructor to the corresponding Blackboard site alongside the original tutor. If this tutor is no longer associated with the course, or does not need access, then you can manually remove them from the Blackboard site, or set their availability on the course to “no”.


Click the image below for a video walkthrough of this process;

Walkthrough of the ICON process

The easiest way to then find your new Blackboard site is to make sure you have enabled “Terms

If you wish to combine this site with one or more modules, or require a new programme site, please complete the request form