Did you know you could sync your Blackboard calendar with your Microsoft Outlook calendar?

This is an efficient way of managing important events for your students in Blackboard and is very easy to do.

Log into Blackboard

Go to Course Tools

Course Calendar

Then click on the Get External Calendar Link button

You need to select and copy the URL/link as shown here

You then need to go your Microsoft mail client and open the calendar and…

Open MS Outlook Calendar – From Internet

Copy and paste in the link into the New Internet Calendar Subscription, then click OK

Click on Advanced

Rename the calendar if you wish and uncheck the Update Limit checkbox. If unchecked then any calendar entries entered in Blackboard will sync with Outlook if your press F9 on your keyboard when viewing the MS Outlook calendar.

Click OK, and that is done. You’ll now see your new calendar appear alongside your existing calendar.

For more information on Blackboard Calendars please click here.