The wizard has been created to make it easier for you to access your new site, apply a template and copy selected content.

Before you start. If you wish to copy content over from an existing site, then the wizard will look for an area called “Learning Materials”. Renaming a content area on your previous site will ensure that the wizard is able to find it.

Running the wizard

With Terms enabled, expand the “Pending” term and click on course you wish to set-up

The first page asks whether you wish to combine modules or continue with the single site set-up.

Then click the “Lets get started” button

You will be asked to whether you wish to apply a template. You can also exit the wizard at this point, the default template will be in place and you will need to manually copy any content from previous sites. Click “yes” to continue.

Templates are linked to a department. You may see a number on this next page, in which case select the one for your programme, if available. If your programme does not currently have a template then select the standard university template. Click submit to continue.

Once applied, you will see a success screen. You can exit the wizard here, or look for existing content to copy across. Click the “yes copy content from a previous module” button to continue.

If one or more module sites with the same module code and where you are a tutor are available, then they will appear on the next page. Select the site you want, then click “submit”

The wizard will then try to locate content areas on the existing site that it can copy from;

  • Module Information
  • Learning Materials

If it finds one or both areas, then select as desired and click submit

That’s it! Click the “finish and go to your new Blackboard module site” button to exit the wizard.

A few points to remember –

  • The site will have moved to the “Term” of the current academic year
  • The site is still unavailable to students
  • You need to add any assignments
  • Any additional tutors and external examiners need to be manually added to the site with the appropriate roles
  • Correctly registered students will automatically appear on the site via the link with SITS. DO NOT manually enrol students onto your module Blackboard site. You need to discuss student enrolment queries with your local Programme Administration (PAd).
  • Check that the site is up-to-date and working as expected
  • Ensure you follow the Blackboard protocols
  • You are still able to copy pieces of content from other sites where you are an instructor

Video walkthrough …