Here is an 8.5 minute (silent) walk-through video showing you how to mark students’ assignments submitted via Turnitin.

(Written instructions are below the video if you prefer this format)

How to mark students work

Via the Control Panel, click on the Course Tools box and select Turnitin Assignments. 

On the next screen click on the assignment you wish to mark by clicking on its title. You will then see the Assignment Inbox with a list of student submissions showing the date they submitted their work.

NB If any of your students are ‘missing’ from the list, you can click on Roster Sync to force the student names into the Turnitin Assignment area. They will appear as they submit, but sometimes you need to see who hasn’t submitted…..

You can also email ‘non-submitters’ from this page too.

Here are Turnitin’s Quick Tips for Mastering Feedback Studio
 for detailed instructions on the marking process