Here is a 6 minute (silent) walk-through video, showing you how to set up a Turnitin assignment correctly.
(Written instructions are below the video if you prefer this format)

A walk-through guide to setting up a Turnitin Assignment

Your Blackboard site should have an ‘Assessment’ menu item on the left hand side. This is an area where you can add details of the assessment brief, marking rubrics, hand-in dates and submission point(s) for any formative, summative and re-submissions.                                                                               

Select Assessments

Then Turnitin Assignment from the drop-down menu.

Select Paper Assignment and click Next Step.  

[You can also set Assignments for Peer Assessment and Revision Assignments, but for the purposes of this training material, we will concentrate on a Paper Assignment]

1. Assignment Title – give the assignment a name.

2. Point value – enter the marks available for this assignment, eg 100. This will be visible to students.

If the assignment forms part of a weighted total, still mark each piece of work out of 100 then calculate the final score afterwards.

3. Start date – is the date you wish this assignment area to appear within Blackboard.

4. Due Date – enter the due date for the assignment – NB The University agreed hand-in time is 4pm but Turnitin defaults to 23.59. You will need to change the time manually.

5. Post Date – is the date the marks will be visible to students via Blackboard. NB The university agreed marking time is 20 working days.

6. Click on Optional Settings to make further choices, such as late submission, allowing students to re-submit up to the due-date, etc. The optional settings are very important.

Here they are explained:

a. Enter any Special Instructions, eg, word limit, special format, etc.

b. Select Yes for Allow submissions after the due date.  Late submissions will clearly be marked in red. 

c. Select Yes for the Generate Originality Reports for Submissions.

[Originality reports identify instances of matching text found on online resources such as eBooks, eJournals and internet sites]

d. Decide when originality reports will be generated. Choices are:  

  • Immediately (First report is final) – Originality reports will be generated upon student’s first submission. No further submissions will be permitted and this originality report will be the definitive report used.
  • Immediately (Can overwrite reports until due date) – Originality reports will be created immediately each time a student submits, overwriting the existing Originality report. This is the University’s preferred option.
  • On due date – Originality reports will be created once the due date has passed.

e. If you wish to exclude bibliographic materials from the Originality report, this can be changed here. The university’s preferred option is ‘Yes’

f. Decide whether you wish quotations to be excluded from the originality report. The university’s preferred option is ‘No’.

g. Small matches of text can be excluded here. You can choose how many words can be excluded, eg, a string of 10 words may be acceptable. The university’s preferred option is ‘No’

h. Allow students to see Originality Reports? It is recommended that students see their reports to learn about correct referencing and writing style. The university’s preferred option is ‘Yes’

i. Reveal grades to students only on Due Date. Select Yes to this option to prevent the early release of grades.

j. Choose whether or not to mark the assignments anonymously. This is a departmental choice.

k. Choose whether or not to allow papers to be checked against submissions already made to the Turnitin student paper database. The default setting is standard paper repository

l. Choose which sources to check when comparing submissions.  You can check against existing papers which have been submitted to the system, as well as a number of Internet sources.

m. Click Submit at the bottom of the page.  

Your Assignment will have been created.