Turnitin at the University of Cumbria

Turnitin Feedback Studio is a third party plagiarism detection tool which is fully integrated into Blackboard. The use of Turnitin Feedback Studio at UOC is primarily aimed at students’ improving their writing style and ensuring references made in their assignments are correctly acknowledged using Harvard/Cite them Right format, the university approved referencing system.

It is important that Turnitin assignments are created and managed properly to:

• Ensure the assignment runs smoothly
• Maintain consistency between assignments and modules
• Help reduce anxiety and support problems
• Make the most of the available tools

Click here to find out more about our Turnitin protocols.

For staff
You can create a submission area for an assignment, then set up milestone dates, such as an assignment start and end dates and when feedback will be visible to students. Because you can mark papers online, you can work remotely or on a university computer as long as you have an internet connection. You can also use the Turnitin app on Apple Ipads where you can download assignments and mark them offline, using your usual marking tools and QuickMarks, syncing everything back when you connect back to a wi-fi connection. (Not available on Android devices at the time of writing)
You can collate the comments you regularly make on a set of papers, possibly giving you ideas on concepts or skills that may need more class time.

Video Links

How to set up a Turnitin Assignment

How to mark a Turnitin Assignment

For students

You can upload a paper to Turnitin Feedback Studio. The system emails you a receipt, showing the date, a time stamp and a unique paper ID.

Within a few minutes, a Similarity Report appears. This shows the originality of the paper’s content. A low number, displayed in green, indicates higher originality (ie, has been written in your own words). A high number, displayed in red, indicates lower originality (more matches found on the internet). However, sometimes a high number is the result of the number of quotes that you have included, rather than actual plagiarism.​​​​​​​ As long as you cite and reference your work correctly, a high score may be acceptable to your tutor.

If time allows, you may be able to make changes to your work and re-submit it before your hand-in date. Please be aware that second and subsequent submissions can take 24 hours to be returned.

For further information and videos showing you how to submit, click here.