BOS is not a “corporate system” as such; it is something that is paid-for from the AQD budget. It is primarily used as an academic-staff resource, with accounts only created on request – it is currently not possible to link it to central systems for account creation / authentication etc.

Following a request, AQD BOS admin staff start an invitation-request that is sent from the system to the staff member’s university email account. The staff member then needs to complete the account-creation process.

This will be done via the online corporate forms


BOS admin staff within AQD have very few additional permissions on the system – we (rightly) cannot change passwords or see survey responses (unless our account(s) has been specifically added to a survey by the survey author or someone with similar permissions). We can see survey titles, number of responses and who-has-what permissions on the survey.

By not adding someone to their survey with additional permissions, the survey results & settings are inaccessible if that person is away for any length of time. This can be an issue with bigger surveys. In this case, another account can be added to the survey but only via BOS themselves; a written request has to be submitted to AQD, and this then has to be submitted to BOS as a written request from the Primary Contact at the University. This can take time, and as such, we always recommend that you consider adding one or more colleagues to your BOS survey, where appropriate.

BOS recently transferred to Jisc, and security information can be found here – (the name “BOS” will also start to change to “online surveys” over the next few months

How to add a student to account to BOS ( this will be a UoC Corporate form which is currently being designed.

How to access Surveys once the owner has left

A user has left the organisation, or is on leave and is not contactable.  I need to access their survey but they have not shared it with me.  What can I do?

If this situation arises, please contact the online surveys Support team for help.

We recommend that Organisation account holders advise all survey authors to share their surveys with at least one other user (where appropriate), so that the survey can still be accessed even if the author is not contactable.

Online Surveys Security

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Removing a user from your account