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PebblePad Workbooks and Templates and Completing Assessments in ATLAS

This page contains links for academic staff demonstrating the basics of creating workbooks and templates for students to complete. It also outlines how you can distribute your templates to students via workspaces in ATLAS (The Assessment space within PebblePad)

1. Building a Workbook: Step-by-step guide for Tutors and an Example workbook

This step by step guide will take you through the process of:

  • creating a simple workbook (a resource) that will be similar to this example;
  • how to share your workbook with a cohort of students via ATLAS;
  • how to view a student submission on ATLAS and leave tutor feedback.

2. Pebble+: Template Builder

A Template in PebblePad is a single page document which students can fill page gives detailed guidance on:

  • Building a template
  • Testing your template
  • Editing your template
  • Copying templates
  • Sharing templates
  • CAUTION – live links

3. Pebble+: Workbook Builder

A workbook is a collection of several Templates compiled together for students to complete.

  • Building a workbook
  • Workbook properties
  • Adding pages
  • Managing pages
  • Testing your workbook
  • Editing your workbook
  • Copying workbooks
  • Sharing workbooks
  • CAUTION – live links

4.  ATLAS: Setting up a workspace

This guide outlines:

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