You can build content in advance on Blackboard, but keep it hidden from your students until you are ready for them to see it – or you might want to build some content in advance ready to copy across to another Blackboard site.

Please note:

  • Do not copy Turnitin Assignments from one course to another
  • Any Tests will not copy across with a folder copy, however you can easily export and import Tests

Create a new, hidden folder to hold the content

In your learning materials area, ensure edit mode is ‘on’, then click ‘build content’ > ‘content folder’

Add folder

On the page that follows, give the folder a name, then change ‘permit users to view this content’ to ‘no’ 

Next, click ‘submit’ to create the folder

Folder off

Your folder will then appear at the bottom of the page. You can see that it is hidden from students

Hidden folder

You can now access the folder and start to add content


When ready, you can make the content available within the course by clicking the chevron icon and selecting ‘edit’. Then change ‘permit users to view this content’ to ‘yes’

Edit folder

You can also copy or move the folder to another Blackboard site