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Blackboard Module Checklist



  • Have all required teaching staff and CIP Administrators been added as Instructors?
  • Have External Examiners been added as Markers?


  • Is the latest version of the Module Handbook available to students in an accessible format (.pdf?)
  • Are the Module Aims readily found and clearly expressed? Are the Learning Outcomes readily found and clearly expressed?


  • Have Teaching Materials been split up into suitable folders for example, by week or by theme?
  • Are all Teaching Materials copyright free or have the required copyright clearance? Has content been provided using a variety of appropriate mechanisms?
  • Are the Teaching Materials accessible and available in different formats?
  • Has Video and / or Audio been included with Close Captioning (CC) or additional transcript files available? Have Quizzes, Blogs, Discussion Boards or Journals been made available to students to check their understanding and / or encourage reflection?


  • Can Formative and Summative assessments be found in one distinct assessment area?
  • Are all assessment details and expectations clearly shown?
  • Are Links to submission points readily found with clear deadline dates?
  • Have Marking Criteria or Rubric Content been clearly articulated?
  • Is student access to feedback with dates clearly specified and within University guidelines?
  • Is the assessment clearly linked to stated Learning Outcomes?
  • Where additional skills are required to complete the assessment, eg. Use of PowerPoint or other software, are additional links to support materials made available?
  • Are explanations and / or resources available on how to submit to the assessment areas available for new learners in suitable formats?


  • Has the Contacts area been populated with all potential departmental teaching and support staff?
  • Does Contact Information include details of when / where staff will be available?
  • Are Departmental staff not currently teaching on this module hidden, rather than deleted?


  • Does the Reading List appear as an item on the side menu of the site?
  • Is the Reading List correctly populated? 


  • Does the Module site have a clear navigation structure with content distributed across relevant headings?
  • Does the landing page have a suitable Welcome message?
  • Has an Instruction to using Blackboard been made available to new starters?


A module site checklist has been produced so that you can audit your course prior to making it available to your students.

You can print it off if you wish or fill it electronically if you prefer. Click this link to download the file.

Please contact the AQD Learning Technologists if you require some advice or support with any of the above.