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Medial is the University of Cumbria’s media library which works in a similar way to YouTube – but without adverts!

As a staff member, you can use Medial to easily upload (nearly) any type of video to the secure video server and, after a short time for it to be processed, you will receive an email to let you know it’s complete and ready to use.

You can embed a video into a Blackboard site (to restrict who sees it) or any webpage, and the video will be streamed, even over quite a slow broadband connection.

You can also send a secure link to a video, so that it can be viewed over the internet – from anywhere in the world!

You can even use it, directly from within Blackboard, to have your students make video submissions and for you to give feedback, also using video, within Blackboard’s secure environment.

For more information, please see Medial’s information videos: (opens in a new window)

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