All courses on Blackboard are created unavailable and in this state, instructors are able to build their course, but students won’t able to access it.

Once you’ve created your site and you’re happy it meets the basic requirements set out in the Blackboard Protocols guide, it’s time to make it available to students.

In the My Courses box on the My Institution tab if you see the word unavailable after the name of a course that you are teaching, then this course isn’t currently accessible to your students.

Blackboard site unavailable image

Click the Customisation section of the control panel in your Blackboard sit to open it

Next click Properties

Blackboard Customisation Tool

On the page that display’s, under Set Availability select Yes to Make Course Available

Blackboard make site available

Click the Submit button to save the changes

You should now see a green banner across the top of the page to indicate that the change has been made.

Blackboard confirmation banner

Your students will now be able to access the course.


You can easily make the course unavailable again by following these steps and selecting No.